Online Pool – When Games Are Transferred to an Online World


If you want to make a game popular, you can always go through the Internet. Even games that are strongly associated with a live atmosphere have become hugely successful in online versions. Just look at poker.


Only ten years ago, most poker players despised the online version of the game. They said that the poker soul disappears when it’s played in a virtual environment. But as time went by, more and more old players tried the game, and most of them realized that online poker wasn’t too shabby after all. Some of them, like ledged Doyle Brunson, even stared their own poker sites.


This was also the evolution of online casino games. Who would have thought ten years ago that hundred thousands of players would enjoy online blackjack every day? But when you think about it, what’s the difference between, say, online and online slots. Not much. It’s all about getting used to an online version of your favourite game.


Pool on the Internet


There have been computer pool games for quite some time – some good, and many, to be honest, fantastically terrible. But when Interplay released the Virtual Pool Series in 1996, they set the standard for what computer-game pool is supposed to be.


The following years, the game was improved; and by the third edition, computerized pool was startlingly close to the real game.


"You can't find a pool sim that looks and plays as much like the real thing as Virtual Pool 3 does. If your real-life play doesn't show any advances after you spend some time with this outstanding pool simulation, you're left with only two possibilities - you're so good that there's no way you can get better, or you don't have any arms." – GameSpot


Today, there are many different online pool games on the Net, many of which you find here at Some are simple and easy-to-understand while others are quite advanced and require a lot of practice and skill – just like the brick-and-mortar variation.


And when ol’ timers claim that the game’s soul disappears on the Net, keep in mind what happened to poker and casino games. Chances are good that online pool eventually reach a high status.